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Hi, my name is Kevin Williams and I am owner of Oasis Newsfeatures and editor of The Amish Cook newspaper column.

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  1. Connie VanNattan

    Better check the ingredients for the mild salsa. I’m thinking there must be more than one quart of tomatoes!!!

    1. Kevin

      Connie, thank you! That was a typo on my part, I have corrected it to two quarts!

  2. Keneil

    Is the ketchup process hot water bath or pressure canner?

  3. Cheryl

    I am still looking for a recipe that tastes like V-8 juice. Can someone help me?

    1. Angie S

      In one of the Amish cookbooks I have, they have a recipe for “veggie juice”. Have made many batches from this recipe and the family LOVES it! At work now, but when I get home, I’ll post the book name for you.

      1. Cheryl

        I have been looking for a veggie juice that can stand up to the V-8 juice in the stores. So I am hoping that this is one that will work, but I need to know which book it is in to find the recipe.

      2. Cheryl

        Please tell me which book it is from. Thanks

      3. Cheryl

        Why can’t I get an answer about veggie juice, I can’t buy all the books to see if it is included.

      4. Kevin

        Cheryl – Really full plate right now, I have to manually look up the recipe in my archives…I’ll try to do that and post tomorrow. Thanks! _ Kevin

      5. Cheryl

        Thank you so much!!

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