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Hi, my name is Kevin Williams and I am owner of Oasis Newsfeatures and editor of The Amish Cook newspaper column.

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  1. kentuckylady 717

    You are right Kevin, right now are the cutest ages up to the teens 🙂 then they may get a little sassy….especially girls….but I have to say I raised a girl and a boy, and the boy is much easier to raise….they don’t fuss with clothes like a girl does and has to have 25 pair of shoes….and their shoes very seldom wear out :)….but I love them both and thank God for them every day…..as a friend of mine always said, she wouldn’t take a million dollars for her kids, but she wouldn’t give two cents for two more just like them LOL…..
    You will love and enjoy your daughter no matter what age she is….and just wait till she goes off to college 🙁 such a sad time for about a month and then you get to enjoying it 🙂
    and even worse when you son (when you guys have one ) goes to the military…..much sadness there…..I cried both time for days…….sorry didn’t mean to write a story…..

  2. Tami

    Love Cincinnati Chili! I grew up in Greensburg, Indiana, just an hour west of Cincy so I am aware of Skyline Chili. There is also a very nice Amish community just outside of Greensburg in Milroy, Indiana, They have a couple of great stores I always visit when I am back in that area.

    1. Kevin

      Tami, I have been to Milroy, did several posts about Milroy and the country store a couple of years ago. Isn’t there a Skyline at the Greensburg exit?

  3. Darr

    Skyline Chili is here in Arizona so you don’t have to be from Cincinnati .
    I have read some sites that talk about how good Skyline Chili is. I live in Arizona and i found Skyline Chili at Kroger’s or here they are Fry’s grocery.
    It’s canned and along with all the other companies that have chili, but i got it and i have to say it was the first and the last time i will be eating it.
    I actually threw it out because it was probably the worse of any chili i have ever had.

    1. Kevin

      Interesting, Darr…I have never tried the canned kind, I’m wondering if maybe you’d like the kind served in the restaurant better? Or maybe it is truly a regional thing, maybe that is why Skyline hasn’t really been able to grow much beyond Cincinnati if it has a taste people are unaccustomed to…


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