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Hi, my name is Kevin Williams and I am owner of Oasis Newsfeatures and editor of The Amish Cook newspaper column.

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  1. Carol Lukaszewicz

    Hi Kevin, I hope you and your family had a beautiful Christmas and will have a truly happy and prosperous new year.
    As for the recipe for the Lorene Bars, am I correct in assuming the vanilla instant pudding is to be made into pudding-not to use 2/3C instant pudding powder? Since it doesn’t indicate whether powder or literal pudding I thought I’d better ask. These bars sound really good!
    Thanks Kevin, and thanks to Gloria, too, for sharing with us. Blessings, Carol

    1. Kevin

      Good question, Carol…Yes, make it into pudding first, don’t use just the powder!

  2. Janet

    Kevin: is the baking powder and backing soda amounts correct? In most recipes they are equal amounts and this is 1/4 teaspoon to 2 teaspoons – a big difference. Also glad Carol asked that question as I would have put the pudding powder in.

  3. Kelly B

    I am a new fan of The Amish Cook. I too am excited to make these glorified lorene bars as they sound scrumptious! But I do have a few questions where there were a few items not specified. I’m in process of making these as I type this, so went with my best guess but would like clarification from you.
    First off, when do you add oats & choc chips? I added my oats to the dry mix, after I combined the dry well, added oats then combined well again. After I added my dry to my wet ing, and that was well combined, I added the chips, then combined it all very well.
    Lastly, does baking dish need sprayed with no stick spray, or greased or buttered? I did that in fear of the bats sticking so I hope this isn’t a big no-no. And I’ve never heard of that size baking dish. The largest I have, (which is really big) is a 4qt dish- I already have it baking so can’t see exact measurements.
    Thank you in advance, and God Bless ☺
    Kelly B. Anderson, IN

    1. Kevin

      Kelly and Janet – I am going to get clarification from Gloria about this. I hope to have something to post here in the coming days, so check back…I am sorry I can’t get an answer to you sooner, Kelly, since you are in the middle of making them. Let me know how they turned out. And if they turned out well, a photo would be awesome:) I assume you read the column in The Herald-Bulletin? Thanks and welcome to Amish365! – Kevin


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