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Hi, my name is Kevin Williams and I am owner of Oasis Newsfeatures and editor of The Amish Cook newspaper column.

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  1. Karen

    I usually cool my cookies on a newspaper because that’s the way my mother did. It does soak up some of the grease from the cookies.

    1. Kevin

      Karen, interesting…I’ll have to try cooling cookies on newspaper sometime!

  2. Bonnie

    The cookies look great but remind me a little of mincemeat tarts without the spices.
    I would love to hear a comment of how they actually taste.

  3. Betsy

    My Mum made these all the time,with a few differences. She didn’t grind the raisins, hers were much plumper…maybe more filling? And she neve cut a vent in the top. They are devine! Do give them a try,you won’t be disappointed! A regional grocery chain with a half decent bakery makes these,and they are pretty darn close to Mums. She would have used Criso in the dough.
    I grew up on wonderful simple filling food,never knowing the roots until I bought my first Amish cookbook. Most everything was in there! We were always told we had “Pennsyvania Dutch” ancestors on Grandpas side. One thing Mum made was “slumgolian” (pardon the spelling!) Which I think is Amish too. Simple dinner of fried potatoes (hash browns) browned ground beef, peppers and onions,when it is all cooked,crack 8 to 12 eggs into the pan and cook till the eggs set. This was always one of my favorite dinners,and still is to this day! Quick,cheap and filling!
    Nice to see Geauga County mentioned in your other post. A small slice of heaven! An hour north of me,we go for the festivals. Spent lots of time in Burton as a kid,dad had family there. Spent a Thanksgiving evening watching the buggies pass by the house. I remember the snow,nearly a blizzard,what a pretty scene it was for a 5 yeard old! Then there is the story of the Amish girls working in my cousins home,keeping her English clothes and make up hidden so she could change when she got there! I wonder if the cousins “corrupted” her!
    It is not uncommon to pass by McDonalds in Middlefield and see a line of buggies at the drive-thru window!
    The drive there and back is amazing. From the colors of the laundry hanging to dry,to the smell of the fresh plowed fields,to stumbling across a house with a handmade sign saying there are eggs,or honey or syrup or…BREAD for sale. If you are really lucky,finding a roadside stand of all sorts of baked goods! Oh yes for me the holy grail!
    Aster and your niece are both just adorable!

    1. Kevin

      Thanks for the post, Betsy…I so love Middlefield, I have not been there in years and years but my goal is to get back there sometime soon!

  4. Lea

    My grandma cooled cookies on either a towel or newspaper. I think she preferred the newspaper because it could be thrown out when she was done rather than washed. I remember her putting on layer of paper towels on top before putting the cookies on them.

    1. Kevin

      Good tip for not having to wash another dish, thanks for sharing!


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