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Hi, my name is Kevin Williams and I am owner of Oasis Newsfeatures and editor of The Amish Cook newspaper column.

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  1. Sara in IN

    Another version of rivvels, that Great-Grandma made, is more like spaetzel where you gather the dough, which is a quick noodle dough, up in a ball , knead it a bit, then grate it on the big holes of grater into the boiling stock, or just boil in water, then drain and butter if you are feeling flush with a lot of butter in store. It’s good which ever way you cook it.

  2. Barb Wright

    My grandma did it both ways..but said she could rub them faster. Incidently.I was always told that rivvel was German for rub. I don’t know that for certain,though.

  3. Carol Morris

    My old order grandmother
    put rivvels in potato soup, which is what I do. My grown kids were surprised when they were served potato soup without them. They thought that was standard! It is goooood!!

  4. Joe Blust

    Kevin my mother used to make her potato soup and add rivvels or as her reciepe calls for rivelets. Made the same way an egg flour mix till thick and roll out between your hands a long rope and tear off small pieces and drop into the soup. That is how I make mine now that she has passed. She also had a reciepe with her cottage cheese pie which is like a custard.

  5. Nellie

    Thanks for sharing this recipe Kevin! My husband and I enjoyed it! This will be great for the upcoming winters here in New England:)


  6. Deb

    When my Mom made rivers, she’d reserve some of the “rubbed” dough, brown the reserved dough in butter until browned, then she’d add the browned mixture to the rivvel soup; it added another dimension of flavor to the rivvel soup – UM GOOD❗️

    1. Kevin

      Yum, sounds good!

    2. Anne Capozzi

      My mother made the browned mixture and added to potato soup

      1. Kevin

        Yum…there was a restaurant in my hometown, just up the street from me, it was called Capozzi’s….I miss it, great Italian food!

  7. firebird939

    Sounds so good. I think I will try rivels next time

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  9. Carolyn

    Yum both the cookies and soup sound wonderful. I will try both. Thanks Keven.

  10. brenda

    this recipe sounds pretty familiar except for not having had them combined with the potato soup.

    also, wanted to remark on what a really great idea the Fridays Favorites sounds like. A look back and remembering is always so much fun. THANK YOU. This column is something my parents always shared with me on our long distance phone calls so they have an extra bit of specialness.

  11. Michele

    My grandmother did the same thing when she made potato soup…rivvels were in hers too. I have so much wanted to find how to make them and I have now. Thank you so much for sharing!

  12. Nana

    I make rivels and I rub them to be even finer …more like grains of rice and cook them in chcken broth. Takes only minutes when they are that fine.

  13. dolores

    I am looking for a receipt for salt rising bread,can you help me


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