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Hi, my name is Kevin Williams and I am owner of Oasis Newsfeatures and editor of The Amish Cook newspaper column.

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  1. Kathleen Ausec

    Great memories of growing up—non-Amish, but in the mountains of Pennsylvania, appreciating the value of family, friends, a great campfire and all that summer entails. Mountain pies are the best! And your imagination can run wild with them. This simple life is the best life.

  2. Claudine Bratcher

    I know this is not the place to post comments about your book “Abraham’s Redemption”, but I can’t find a place to do it otherwise so here goes. First of all I have read both your excerpts and I have already ordered a copy. It is very interesting and I am eagerly anticipating getting my copy this summer so I can finish the story! Thank you for sharing your work. I much admire anyone who can have the discipline to sit still long enough to write a complete novel! Now THAT does take talent. Now for those who will undoubtedly criticize your work, well, I say “phooey” on them. You are not twisting their arms to buy your novel and they don’t have to buy it. They need to just shut up and let people decide on their own whether they like your novel and if they want to buy it. Well I have blathered on and so I’ll cut this short. I just had to let you know that I did order a copy of you novel and I am eagerly awaiting it! Thank you Kevin for all your hard work and talent and for sharing with us!
    Claudine Bratcher, Fort Worth, TX

    1. Kevin

      Thank you, Claudine, I figured it was time for me to at least get a few copies out there…I hope you enjoy yours!


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