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  1. Petra Brown

    This is good…made some this past week….be aware that this will yield. 14 quart jars filled full and a partial….it’s gotten rave reviews from our friends….

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  3. Wendy

    Was wondering if this is a concentrate that you have to dilute or drink it straight. Thanks

  4. Susan Harker

    What is a cold pack? Do you just put the hot juice into jars and let it sit? Do you water bath it at all?

    1. Pat

      Susan, according to farmandfleet.com Cold pack canning is the practice of filling mason or canning jars with freshly prepared, unheated food. It’s also known as raw pack canning. With the cold pack canning method, the food is raw while the canning jars are hot. The water, juice or syrup needs to be brought to boil before you add it to the jars.
      After you’ve packed your food inside the canning jars, allowing for proper canning headspace, pour in hot water or syrup, seal your canning jars and then process your food in a pressure canner. The air in the canning jars can cause food discoloration in about two or three months of being stored.
      Canning headspace is the empty space that is left in your jar after you add the contents and before you put the Mason jar lid on. No matter what you are canning, leaving the correct amount of space specified before processing the jar is extremely important.
      The heat applied to a mason jar during processing causes the contents inside the jar to expand. As air escapes around the lid, canning headspace will decrease. If you did not leave enough canning headspace, the contents of the jar could also seep under the lid and create a problem with the seal
      Leaving too much canning headspace can also be a problem. Cooling jars naturally contract and pull the lid down tight to seal the jar completely. If there is too much canning headspace, the processing time called for in the recipe may not have been long enough to drive out the air in the jar. More air in the mason jar means more oxygen is present to discolor the food and promote rancidity in fats. This can lead to an improper seal as well
      Hope this helps


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