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Hi, my name is Kevin Williams and I am owner of Oasis Newsfeatures and editor of The Amish Cook newspaper column.

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  1. Sandra Kaczanowcke

    Oh my goodness! This looks soooo good. I’m a diabetic and I can just feel my sugar rising, but oh how I wish I had a piece right now anyway. YUM!

  2. Mona G.

    The pie looks great Kevin, you are getting to be a good cook eh? Bet Rachael doesn’t mind either 🙂
    Is this pie, and the shoofly pie similiar to a pecan pie without the pecans ?
    This is kinda what it looks like…..never had either one of these you mentioned, but would love to try them……..

    1. Kevin

      When I first saw it, i had the same reaction as you: “looks like oatmeal pie”…and it has the same consistency, but the presence of molasses makes the taste quite different than oatmeal!

    2. Zelka Cani

      Oh, I can feel my blood sugar levels rising just by looking at this yummy pie. After the pie has cooled, can it be put into the fridge to allow it to ‘set’ so that it is not too moist? Just wondering if that would work so that it would make it easier to slice?

  3. Conni

    My grandmother always made a milk pie and cinnamon tarts with the leftover pie dough from her pie crusts, but neither of them used the exact ingredients in these two examples. Her pie consisted of unbaked crust, then a layer of sugar, then flour, then cinnamon, milk to fill, then dabbed with butter. Awesome. Sorry, grandma did not use measuring cups or spoons. She made all of her pies using her hands and fingers as the measuring tools. The cinnamon tart dough was rolled out, then a layer of butter, sprinkled with sugar, then cinnamon; dough was rolled into a long log, then cut crosswise into small bites, then placed on cookie sheet with one of the exposed sides down. Baked until done. Awesome. I am 69 years young and can still smell and taste these wonderful grandma treats when talking about them. If anyone has the exact measure for these wonder treats, please share. Thanks.


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